Flowing between genders

In this episode Iliana invites you to Explorando Ideas' Gala, to find out how gender roles are defined in ballroom dance. Furthermore, you'll to discover the story of Trevor Copp, Jeff Fox y Alida Esmail, three dancers who have created a new concept called Liquid Lead Dancing, a system of partner dancing that explores the impact of the relationship between genders.

In this show, you’ll learn how to break through some social paradigms, because ballroom dance isn’t just a system of dancing is a way of thinking and being.  

PhotP  by TEDX MONTREAL 2015


Liquid Lead Dancing

Trevor, Jeff and Alida showed the Liquid Lead Dance concept at the conference: Perspectives, TEDX MONTREAL 2015.  Press play to watch the video!



Other collaborations

  • Music Intro by Marc- Antoine Barbier 

* Note

This podcast is also available in Spanish. You can listen to it here.